The best video editing software can assist you in producing stunning videos, whether you’re a YouTuber or a professional film editor working in films and television. There’s also some fantastic software for combining holiday moments or family footage for fun.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the finest video editing software available today. We also go through what each has to offer and how different they are from one another in a simple and jargon-free manner.

1. Adobe Premier Pro – Top video editing software for professionals

Adobe’s video editing software is used by video professionals all over the world and it’s easy to see why. It has an excellent reputation, regularly receiving updates and new features, and offers users a huge amount of control.

Adobe Premier Pro is the top video editing software because it offers users a huge amount of control. They can customize their video to the finest detail, and with regular updates and new features, Adobe Premier Pro is always keeping up with the latest video trends. It’s also used by video professionals all over the world, so you know that it has a great reputation.

The program can handle 4K, 8K, and virtual reality formats. Its cutting and editing features provide a high degree of precision and control. You may work with an unlimited number of video tracks from nearly any source, making this software very versatile. When you have multi-angle scenes, the automated sync is a godsend, as it’s difficult.

2. Apple Final Cut Pro X – Best video editing software for Macs

Final Cut Pro has long been one of the most popular video editing softwares available, and the latest update – Final Cut Pro X – is no exception. Offering users a huge range of features and tools, it’s perfect for both amateurs and professionals alike.

The software is only available on Macs, so if you’re not using a Apple computer, then this isn’t the video editing software for you. However, if you are using a Mac, then you’ll find that Final Cut Pro X is an excellent video editor with a huge range of features and tools.

The Magnetic Timeline, grouping tools, a wide selection of effects, good organizational capabilities, and simple method of adding and editing audio are all appealing elements to video editors. Other characteristics include 360° video, high dynamic range (HDR), and sophisticated color correction tools. Despite its tremendous power and feature-rich nature, Final Cut Pro is surprisingly simple to use.

Final Cut Pro is designed to take advantage of the capabilities of your Mac, like as Apple software. And, as you’d expect, works with other parts of Apple’s ecosystem, such as your Photos or iTunes collections.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector 365 – Top video editing software for non-professionals

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is video editing software that’s designed for non-professionals. It’s easy to use, yet still offers a huge range of features, making it perfect for those who want to create videos for social media or YouTube.

Some of the key features include video stabilization and correction abilities, expert enhancing tools, multi-cam editing, motion tracking, and surprisingly simple trimming. There’s also 360-degree video editing, as well as support for all file types and formats imaginable. Slideshows, screen recording, DVD menus, object design tools, and etc. Free and unrestricted access to a vast, royalty-free library of material from Shutterstock is included. The most recent version, which was launched in December 2021, allows you to add text or graphics that follow the movement of any object automatically, as well as three AI-driven features: AI Audio Denoise, AI Video Denoise, and AI DeR.

4. Adobe Premier Elements – Best video editing software for beginners

If you just want to mess around with family or holiday video for fun, the softwares shared above are considerably more difficult than you need. Similarly, if you’d like to learn how to edit videos but have no prior experience, their learning curve will be daunting. Adobe Premiere Elements is the finest video editing software for novices and casual users.

Premiere Elements is a less expensive and easier-to-use version of Premiere Pro (number one on our list). It makes it more cost-effective and simple to learn. However, it still has a number of strong features, including face detection, audio effects, and bundled soundtracks

The interface is straightforward and visual, and it includes all of the video effects you’ll need, such as transitions, chroma-keying, and opacity. You may build a quick workflow by using smart search capabilities, video stabilization controls, and automated features like motion tracking and smart toning.

5. Apple iMovie – Best free video editing software for YouTube

iMovie is a video editing program for iOS and macOS that may be used to construct a complete tale. You can use credit rolls, studio logos, images, and videos to construct it. The software is particularly built for Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone and Mac computers.

One of the best features of iMovie is the high-fidelity filters. You may use 13 distinct creative video modifications to give your film/video a cinematic flavor. Filters are simple to utilize on your iPhone or iPad, whether you apply them to particular sequences or the entire movie.

Another wonderful feature is green-screen control, which is an excellent tool for softening the effects in your film. In previous versions, users had a lot of difficulty using this, but the new iMovie has considerably more complex and precise green-screen controls.

Finally, the trimmer is an essential tool to have when using iMovie to edit your films. It’s responsible for speeding up the editing process, and you’re in luck because the new model is simple and straightforward to use. A trimmer enables you to regulate a video’s length and timing.

6. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate – The finest video editing program for Corel users

Corel VideoStudio is video editing software that’s been designed for users of Corel software. If you’re a fan of PaintShop Pro, AfterShot, or any other Corel software, then you’ll feel right at home with VideoStudio.

The program offers a comprehensive set of video-editing tools and effects, including motion tracking, color correction, and keyframing. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and the program includes a wide range of tutorials to help you get started.

For certain, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is not for everyone. It differs from rivals in the way it handles layers, and if you’re used to working with other video editing software, it might be a little unsettling. And in general, it’s not sophisticated enough for professional video editors. It offers very good value as a novice tool, though.

To summarize, Adobe Premier Pro is great for professionals while CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is perfect for those who are just getting started with video editing. And if you are a beginner, Adobe Premier Elements or iMovie (Free – Mac only) is the software you should use. Finally, if you’re using a Mac, Final Cut Pro X is the video editor to use since it’s both simple and powerful, making it ideal for beginners as well.

Now that we’ve gone over some the best video editing softwares in 2022, let us know which one you’re going to be using in the comments below! And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and we’ll do our best to answer them. Happy video editing!

7. Pinnacle Studio – Video editing software for beginners using Windows

Do you have a Windows computer and no experience editing video? Pinnacle Studio is another excellent option for getting started with video editing. It’s comparable to Premiere Elements in terms of price and capability, although it lacks some of that program’s more advanced features. For a one-time payment of €99, you’ll get over 1,500 effects, titles, and templates, as well as six-track HD video editing, color correction tools, a dedicated stop motion feature, time remapping abilities, and more. It’s also quite simple to use.

Which software is best for video editing?

Premiere Pro from Adobe is currently our top pick for video editing software. This industry-standard, subscription-based tool is designed for professionals and comes jam-packed with sophisticated and powerful features. And the latest updates, which were released in October 2021, demonstrate just how devoted Adobe is to keeping it up to date and improving it. If you’re a hobbyist, though, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 would be a better option because it’s cheaper and easier to start with.

Which software is the easiest to edit videos?

If you’re just getting started with video editing and are using a PC or Mac, our top choice is Premiere Elements. It’s a less complicated version of the more powerful Premiere Pro, so there isn’t as steep a learning curve, and it’s also cheaper. It’s also unlike most Adobe programs in that it’s available for purchase rather than subscription fees.

What’s the best video editing software for mobile?

We recommend Premiere Rush for editing videos on your phone or tablet since it makes all of the key components of Premiere Pro accessible for iPhone and Android devices. Its user interface is pleasant and simple, with big icons and panels that are easier to tap on a tiny touchscreen. But you do get a number of useful functions, such as adding videos to the timeline by dragging and dropping them in addition to mixing music in. It’s also well-integrated with Premiere Pro, so you may work on the same material on both the computer and on the move.

What is the best video editor for free?

If you don’t have any money to spend, we’ve got you covered with our list of the greatest free video editing software. However, keep in mind that many of these applications include significant limitations, such as advertising, watermarks, and restricted functionality. If you want to avoid using these free-but-flawed tools, try a free trial of one of the premium choices listed above. This will let you experiment with various options before making a selection. Just be aware that if you don’t cancel your trial within the allotted time, you will be charged!

How difficult is video editing?

It’s not difficult to learn how to edit video. If you’ve ever used a web or mobile application, you’ll be able to utilize video-editing software. All you have to do now is start with the fundamentals and work your way up. There are plenty of online tutorials for whatever video-editing program you use, and the best ones are usually given away for free by the manufacturers themselves. Check out our list of Premiere Pro tutorial videos if you want to see what’s available, and read on for additional tips on using Premiere Pro.

What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro are the most frequently used video editing programs among YouTubers. iMovie is a popular choice for novices and casual YouTubers because it is free, comes pre-installed on Apple devices, and does all you need for basic editing. However, if you use Android, Adobe’s Premiere Rush is an excellent choice. Most professional and semi-professional YouTuber choose either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Which software is best for editing videos online for free?

You can edit videos online with a variety of free applications like Adobe Creative Cloud Express, Kapwing, Clipchamp, and so on. These programs enable you to trim videos, crop them, add special effects, alter the background, and more all from your web browser.

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